The Best Way To Pack Your Swimsuits For Vacation

The Best Way To Pack Your Swimsuits For Vacation

Headed on a warm-weather holiday vacation this year? If you're like us, a tropical getaway sounds like the perfect way to spend the festivities this year! Before you start stuffing your swimsuits into your carry-on, read on to see how you can maximize space and properly care for your suits while you're away:


1. Packing Cubes

It sounds counterintuitive - how does adding another thing into my suitcase save me space? Well, these packing cubes are going to change the game for you. They're ultra thin and they organize your clothing into different sections so you know exactly where everything is. You can organize all your underwear and swimsuits into one cube and put your clothes in another, that way you don't have to pull everything out of your suitcase just to find one blouse.  Pro-tip: Choose all of your outfits ahead of time and pack each one into a separate cube for ultimate ease throughout your vacation!


2. Utilize Your Hats

You'll most likely be bringing a hat on your trip, so instead of wearing it onto the flight or risking it bending in your suitcase, pack as many swimsuits as you can into the crown of your hat! This saves space and also prevents your hat from losing its shape. If you're worried about the rim becoming crooked, create a little hole in your clothing to fit the crown of the hat in, then the brim can lay flat on top of your clothing. 


3. Roll Not Fold

In order to fit as many suits as possible, roll your swimsuits rather than folding them! It may sound like it won't save much space but trust us, it'll allow you to pack more efficiently.


4. Bring A Travel-Size Delicate or Lingerie Soap

Swimsuits aren't cheap and they're put through so much when on vacation - chlorine, salt water, sunscreen, a spilled margarita or two... Pack a travel size delicate or lingerie soap so you can give your swimsuit a quick wash in the hotel bathroom to maintain the soft fabric throughout your vacation! This way you can also re-wear your suits without it feeling icky.




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