Best Hikes In Los Angeles

Best Hikes In Los Angeles
Los Angeles is filled with over a hundred hiking trails - whether you're looking for a trail deep in the mountains, overlooking the ocean, or maybe even for an afternoon of people watching, there is a hike for every person and for every occasion. It's sunny almost year-round and LA is filled with plenty of things to do outdoors, but when you're looking for some spectacular views and to get a fun workout in, look to this list for the best hiking trails in Los Angeles.


Runyon Canyon Trail

What's an LA hiking list without the classic Runyon trail? Located in the Hollywood Hills, this hike is ultra popular among Los Angelenos. You may just run into your favorite influencer or celebrity during this 2.7 mile hike! 

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and the Culver City Steps

Located right in the middle of LA, this hike is very central making it an easy stop during your day. There are two ways to go up - take the (very) steep stairs to straight up or you can take the zig-zag trail all the way to the top. Either way, you're sure to get a killer workout in. It's a fairly short hike (1.3 mile loop), so you may see people going up and down a few times.


Corral Canyon Park

What makes this hike so special is the breathtaking views of Malibu beaches while you hike up through a trail of blooming wildflowers! This 2.4 mile loop is in the perfect location as you can head to the beach for a relaxing treat after your hike.


Echo Mountain

This 5.4 mile loop is more inland, located near Altadena, California. You may not have ocean views, but you will have spectacular views of the luscious mountains surrounding Los Angeles. This hike is a bit quieter than the more populated hikes (ex: Runyon or Griffith) and is also more challenging. So be sure to bring a snack and bottle of water for this rewarding hike.


Portuguese Bend Reserve

Portuguese Bend Reserve is a 399-acre park with many amazing trails that overlook the ocean. Because the park is down south by the Palos Verdes Peninsula the trails are never crowded, plus you'll likely run into some wildlife and wildflowers since it's a Nature Preserve.


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