TUTUBLUE was born out of my love for the ocean, sun, fitness & health.  I like to wear TUTUBLUE while I swim, surf, snorkel, stand up paddle board, hike, bike, tennis .. just about any sport in the sun.

My idea for TUTUBLUE came after a scare with melanoma a few years back. After addressing my medical issues (i’m fine now!) and learning about the damaging effects of the sun, I decided to do something about it.  I wanted a suit that would act as a second skin so that I could enjoy the outdoors on my own terms. I didn’t want to rely on sunscreens as it's difficult to know if you've covered everything exposed to the sun and then it requires reapplication every couple of hours. 

TUTUBLUE allows me to quickly and confidently protect my body + the ocean without the harmful chemicals of traditional sunscreens.  In addition to wearing TUTUBLUE, I apply mineral based sunscreen to my face, fingers + feet.  

The TUTUBLUE collection features a full range of UPF50 swimwear for everyone. The suits are strong, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, quick drying and provide the ultimate protection from the sun. The cut and construction support athletic activity while also creating a nice silhouette for all shapes and sizes. Made in sunny Los Angeles.

TUTUBLUE is a UPF50 sun-protective swimwear brand designed by me, Sarah Buxton