UPF50+ Swimwear

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Women's Long Swimsuits

Our Long Swimsuits offer a maximum amount of sun protection so you feel free to stay in the sun all day without worry.

As a woman-owned, sustainable company, committed to sun protection swimwear, and that loves the outdoors, we have two missions:

Our first mission is to keep our community safe from the harmful effects of the sun with our UPF swimwear. Whether you're out running errands or you're practicing water sports, we believe there shouldn't be a compromise between getting outside or staying safe.

Our second mission is to protect the environment that we all share. Sunscreen has very harmful effects on our environment due to chemical ingredients and plastic packaging, which is why we have designed high quality, protective swimwear that is UPF 50+ from recycled fabrics to decrease sunscreen usage and increase time outdoors. 

it's skincare that you wear.


“Thank you and thank you for your fabulous swimsuits. You have literally saved my life by protecting me from additional skin cancer and I can’t thank you enough. I will be sending you a picture of me taken two years ago in my pool at the age of 70. Your suits even make folks my age look great. Best Always.”


"I would like to let you know that when I swim at the YMCA in San Diego, many women come up to me to ask where I got my bathing suit.  I proudly show them my right arm with the website on it.  They ask about it and I love telling them the benefits.If you have received orders from San Diego in the last year or so, many of them may have been a result of my wearing the suit.  I have two suits.  One is the Galaxy and the other is the Butterflies.  I just ordered the Peacock suit so I'm sure there will be more inquiries as to where to buy one.Thank you for this great suit for swimming."


"I noticed that my water aerobics instructor had swim pants on. I looked everywhere and all I could find were swim leggings in junior sizes until I came across a rack of Tutublue in a Las Vegas Costco. I bought the complete set of Turquoise Flyer and have been wearing it on vacation for maybe 5-6? years. I love it."


"Tutublue body suits has gotten me covered. From Hawaii to New York waters Tutublue sun Protection suits keep my skin protected from high UVs and they look super cool too."


"I LOVE your products and customer service!! These suits have literally changed my life for the better!! I have been able to enjoy the beach and water activities again without having to use as much sunscreen and without worrying about missing areas and reapplying chemicals to my body. As a RN living through these last few years there isn't anything that makes me happier than getting out into the water and your suits have made a massive difference for me.Thank you again!!"


"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing suits! I just ordered my 4th one from you. Thought I would splurge for my 50th birthday and get another suit. I LOVE your products and the protection. My husband has had melanoma and I have had many basal cell cancers. We love being out in our Florida weather but need the sun protection. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your product and I recommend to all my patients!"


women's rash guards

Style, protection, and functionality.


QUICK DRY TECH: Headed straight from the beach to brunch? You'll be dry in no time with our Quick Dry Technology.

4-WAY STRETCH: Our suits will move with your body so you're comfortable both in and out of the water!