10 Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Fall

10 Ways To Update Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Fall

Fall is here! Which means it’s officially cool weather and cozy sweater season. And also, dry skin season. As temperatures change, so does our skin...so maintaining the same routine 365 days of the year isn’t going to do your skin any good! Dryness and breakouts are most common during winter because of all the dead skin, oil, and bacteria build up. Keep reading to learn the 10 ways you should update your routine as we transition into the new season!

1. Try A New Cleanser

During colder months, your skin is producing less oil than it did during the summer. Switch to a more gentle cleanser that won’t overly dry out your skin, such as a sulfate-free wash that barely lathers (a good rule of thumb is the less bubbles, the more gentle the cleanser is). You also only need to cleanse your face at night to wash away the dirt and makeup from the day, and cut out cleansing your face in the morning to keep as much moisture in your skin as possible.

2. Add Toner Into Your Routine

Toners are great for your skin because they reintroduce moisture after you’re finished cleansing. Many people skip over this step because it seems unnecessary, but it’s an important part of your fall skin care routine. Immediately after you’re finished cleansing, take a cotton ball soaked in toner and pat it all over your face. Then right away put on your serum, oil, or moisturizer to lock in the moisture!

3. Use a Heavier Moisturizer

Cool temperatures and harsh winds = dry and cracked skin. Avoid the discomfort and long-term effects by applying a heavier moisturizer than you would normally use. For example, if you normally use a gel-based moisturizer, try a lotion instead!

4. Continue Using SPF and Wearing UPF

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can skip sun protection. Fall and winter are when the most sun damage occurs out of the year, because people associate colder months with less UV. While UVB rays (burning and tanning rays) are less strong in the fall, UVA rays (skin cancer and aging rays) are just as strong as they are in the summer. Read up on this topic in our blog post here!

5. Add Retinol Back In

While retinol is recommended all year round, many people remove it from their routine during the summer because it can increase your risk of sunburns. Now is the time to add it back into your routine to reduce the appearance of brown spots and fine lines! Whether it’s prescription strength or over-the-counter, introduce it back into your routine slowly to avoid uncomfortable dryness. 

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells that build up on your skin! Bacteria and dirt get trapped underneath which can cause blockages, breakouts, and dull appearance. Exfoliating can also encourage cellular turnover for fresh and plump looking skin!

7. Increase Your Water Intake

You know what they say - “You are what you eat”. And in this case, the more water you drink, the more moisture your skin will have. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated and happy!

8. Avoid Too Hot Of Water

A bath at the end of a snowy day sounds heavenly, just keep the temperature luke warm to avoid dry and cracked skin. Hot water draws out moisture so you're left with dried out skin. If you do take a hot bath, follow it with a moisturizing body oil or thick body lotion!

9. Change Up Your Face Masks

While clay and peel-off masks can feel good, try a cream-based mask for fall and winter to keep all the moisture in your skin. These types of masks don't dry out your skin, instead they contain moisturizing oils that plump up your skin and improve elasticity!

10. Listen To Your Skin

Above all else, listen to your skin and what it needs. If you're feeling dry and experiencing breakouts, your current skincare routine may not be working for you. Assess how your skin is reacting and adjust your products accordingly!

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