Best Sun Safety Tips for Your Children!

Best Sun Safety Tips for Your Children!
(Tutublue's children's line - Short and Long Suit in Galaxy)



Look back for a minute to when you were a kid: there was nothing more fun than those carefree, warm summer days playing with your friends all day long! But then you may also remember the painful sunburns that came after all the fun.


Getting your children to wear sunscreen (let alone reapply every 2 hours) is a nightmare in itself. It's the absolute last thing they want to stop playing for, and it's not exactly fun for the parents either... Luckily, nowadays there's UPF50+ clothing that can reduce the amount of sunscreen needed so you don't have to practically bathe your kids in sunscreen anymore.


We've collected a few easy reminders and tips to keep your kiddos safe this summer below:


Wear UPF50+ Clothing

As we just mentioned, UPF50+ clothing is a great alternative to applying sunscreen all over your children's bodies. Of course, they'll still need SPF on their faces, necks, or wherever the clothing doesn't cover, but the UPF50+ helps in doing a large part of the job. Tutublue's UPF50+ suits block out 98% of UVA and UVB rays, and the protection never washes out. So your kids can play in the pool or ocean all day long and will be (almost) fully protected from sun damage! We've designed long suits, short suits, leggings, and rash guards in the most adorable colors and patterns to ensure your kids love what they're wearing, and you'll love that they're safe. It's a win-win.


Use The Right Kind of Sunscreen

For the areas where UPF50+ clothing can't cover (scalp, face, tops of feet, etc), you'll need to still apply sunscreen. Make sure to get broad spectrum sunscreen, as this blocks out both types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. Try to use a SPF of at least 30, and avoid chemical sunscreens that contain ingredients like oxybenzone or avobenzone, as they have negative effects on the environment and our bodies. Look for mineral based sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxdide instead!


Apply Sunscreen Correctly

Use about 1 shot glass (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to cover the entire body. Of course this will be less depending on how little your child is, and how much of their body is covered by their UPF50+ clothing. Make sure to cover all areas, including the smallest places like ears, hairline, in between fingers and toes, etc. After a couple of hours, reapply, be mindful of the time of day as you may want to reapply more frequently during peak UV hours (about 10am - 2pm)


Find Shade

Whenever possible, use shade to protect your kids. While it's not realistic when they're running around or in the pool, if they're just coloring in the backyard you can put up a patio umbrella to help shade the sun from hitting them. Remember, a good offense is the best defense!


Summer time is the best time and we encourage you and your kids to get outside and play in the sun! Keep these tips in mind before you head out and your kids will be protected from the sun, while also creating healthy habits that they'll keep with them for years to come. 


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