Here's Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light and How You Can Protect Your Skin From It

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light and How You Can Protect Your Skin From It

You likely know about UV rays and how they can have harmful effects on your skin...but you may not know about the lesser know light: blue light.


Blue light is all around us, it's produced by the sun, as well as through screens such as T.V.s, phones, tablets, etc. Most of us spend more time than we'd like on our electronic devices, and the effects are not only excess strain to our eyes but blue light has been scientifically proven to be harmful to our skin as well.


It's been shown that human skin cells which have been exposed to artificial visible light, have molecular and cellular changes. In other words, our skin cells either shrink or die when overexposed to artificial light from screens. 30 hours of exposure to blue light from a smartphone or laptop screen can increase inflammation levels in skin cells by a whopping, it affects a person's melatonin levels which affects how we sleep.


It's clear that blue light has significant negative effects, so keep reading for 4 things you can do to help mitigate these effects:


Blue Light Screen Shield

The closer you are to a screen, the more harmful it is. So look into a blue light screen shield that you can apply to your phone, computer and tablet to help block some of the light. There are also lots of blue light glasses on the market now that are both prescription and non-prescription so you can protect your eyes when you're having a screen-heavy day!



Make sunscreen a daily habit (yes, even when you're indoors all day!) as it acts as a barrier that fends off unwanted blue light. Look for mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as it will sit on top of your skin to block and absorb damaging rays. If mineral sunscreen isn't your jam, make sure to look for chemical sunscreens that contain blue light-neutralising ingredients.


Switch to Night Mode

A semi-recent update to phones is the ability to switch your screen to 'night mode'. When evening hits, switch your phone to night mode which disables blue light and enables yellow light instead. This will help reduce your eye strain, as well as prevent skin aging due to excessive blue light. 


Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

The stronger your skin barrier, the more it'll protect you from excessive light. Skincare packed with antioxidants has tons of benefits for your skin, including fighting free radicals and hyper pigmentation. Incorporate ingredients like Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and Phloretin into your skincare routine to help boost and strengthen your skin barrier. You can also try a BB cream that contains a light-reflecting pigment (similar to sunscreen) that has been proven to reduce the effects of blue light by 80%.


These days it's unrealistic to remove screens from our daily lives. But by incorporating the above tips into your routine, the effects of blue light is drastically diminished. Let us know in the comments how you combat blue light!

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