How to Pick the Best Surfboard for You

How to Pick the Best Surfboard for You

One of the greatest things about surfing is that you only require three things: your body, a wave, and a surfboard. The surfboard is the item you must pick prudently because it’s the connection between the first two components. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or in the trenches of a pro, you should always be on the lookout for the one surfboard that best fits your needs.



Calculate your volume

Volume is the estimation of the area in liters covered by a surfboard. The basic calculation for volume is L x W x H. The ideal volume is determined by combining a surfer’s weight, experience level, fitness level, and age. As your skill level increases, you can select a board with less volume. Experienced riders use short boards because they offer more sensitivity. And while short boards require more effort to catch waves, they will react fast when you want to maneuver and also allow you to access steeper sections.

Low volume boards are not suitable for the amateur surfer. Beginners should opt for long volume boards as they enable greater paddling speed, which is great for catching waves. All in all, the calculation of volume is dependent on your performance requirements, which include stability, pivot, control, speed, drive, glide, buoyancy, and paddle power.


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Step Know the waves you are going to be catching

No two waves are exactly the same; hence, no surfboard model performs in all wave conditions better than the rest. The ability to catch waves bifurcates the pros from the amateurs. When purchasing a surfboard, it is important to consider the type of wave conditions.

Small wave performance boards are developed to optimize small, weak waves. They allow for medium velocity and maneuverability. Small wave performance boards are suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers.

High-performance short boards are fancied by elite performers because of their ability to handle punchy waves. They are designed to be super-maneuverable for full, unbridled control. These boards are an enduring feature in the pro scene. They are usually thick pointed and range from 5ft 6” to 7ft 6” in size.


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Merge your abilities with the right surfboard

An accurate understanding of your skill level is recommended when choosing the best surfboard for you. Confer with friends and family to ascertain your adeptness before buying a board, otherwise, you might end up selling it at an under priced rate. Performance connotes the surfboards ability to execute difficult maneuvers, maintain top speed, and transitioning smoothly. High-end performance surfboards are extremely sensitive, unforgiving, and challenging to ride.


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Bottom line

When choosing a surfboard, you need to keep in mind your skill level, fitness level, height, wave, and wave type. It is normal to go for long boards as a beginner. When you’re feeling super-confident, and are progressing rapidly, you may consider shorter options. Short boards are the hallmark of advanced surfing because they require more effort to catch waves and will react fast when making turns, allowing you to access steeper sections. Lastly, be humble about your choice, and you will improve much faster.


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