Mid-Year Check In With Your Goals and Intentions

Mid-Year Check In With Your Goals and Intentions

It's halfway through 2022 and the perfect time for a mid-year check-in of your goals and intentions for the year! You likely started out the year with some resolutions & goals for 2022, things you wanted to accomplish or improve in your life. Whether that’s saving a certain amount of money or having less screen time, everyone has things they’d like to improve. It’s very common for people to not revisit those goals until the end of the year, then realize all the things you wanted to do, but either forgot to work on or let go of as the months went by. 

This is why it’s great to do a mid-year check in to track and celebrate your progress, evaluate what has been working and what hasn't, and create plans to adjust your intentions accordingly. Here are three ways to inspire you to keep pushing towards your 2022 goals:


1. Mini Goals vs. Long-Term Goals

 It’s easy to think about the big things you want in your life - a thriving business, a new home, etc. But what’s more difficult is planning for the small goals that you have to hit to get towards those big, long-term goals. Try to work backwards from your ultimate goal and think of each small step that you’ll have to take to get there. 

For example, if you’re looking to buy a house by next year, some things you’ll need to do are: 

  • Save up for a down payment
  • Make sure your credit is in good shape
  • Choose the city you want to live in
  • Figure out what to do with your current home

Then once you accomplish each of those small goals, take time to celebrate each because you are that much closer to the end goal!


2. Create monthly vision boards

Vision boards are a powerful manifestation tool that can help inspire you towards your goals and intentions. At the beginning of this year, we wrote a blog post on creating your 2022 vision board and putting it as your phone/computer background so you can look at it for daily inspiration to work towards your goals. 

It can also be helpful to create monthly vision boards that will narrow down on your smaller goals, as this can feel more attainable and less overwhelming. Look at your next month, think about what you realistically want to accomplish, and put together a few inspiration photos into a collage. Make it your phone and computer background so every time you look down at your phone, you’ll have a moment of inspiration.


3. Evaluate and Correct

Take a look at the goals and intentions you set for yourself, and see if they still align with what you want to achieve. Our lives change very quickly and the goals you thought you wanted in January, may not be the same goals you have now! It’s absolutely okay to edit your goals and intentions to better suit where you’re headed in your current stage of life.

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