7 Self-Care Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

7 Self-Care Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

Navigating a global pandemic, work-from-home life, parenting, etc - it's not an easy task! Yet, most people rarely take the time to practice self-care. This past year has caused anxiety, depression, and stress to be at an all time high...which is exactly why we should be increasing mental health awareness! Researchers say that the more people practice self-care, the more productive and creative you are. We gathered a few big and small ways for you to start practicing self-care in your life!  


Book a Retreat

We know not everyone can head off to a retreat, but if you are, it's a fantastic way to escape your day-to-day life. Our founder Sarah Buxton recently flew to Costa Rica to join A Week Awake - a surf retreat solely for women! From yoga and meditation, to surfing and tropical foods, A Week Awake is a beautiful way to move your body and connect with other likeminded women. If interested, click here to explore more! 

Read A Book Outside

If staying local seems more realistic to you, find a nearby park, beach, or field, bring a chair or blanket, and spend a few hours alone with a book. Never underestimate how good it can feel to read something that's not on your phone. Just being outside and breathing fresh air can make you feel better and productive!

Schedule A Workout Class 

No matter how busy you get, you have time to move your body. Whether it's yoga, surfing, running, or pilates, just getting a short workout in will increase your endorphins and improve your mood. Try scheduling a week's worth of workouts every Sunday night so you know you have stick to your plan.

Cook a Healthy Meal

Nothing makes you feel better than eating a yummy good-for-you meal. Pass on the heavy dishes and stick to whole & organic foods that will keep your mood high!

Grab a Friend and Do A Fun Activity

It's important to have alone time, but it's also important to socialize and spend time with the people you love! Set your phone down and schedule a few hours with your bestie doing something you both love. Whether it's a massage, beach day, or just hanging out in the back yard, be sure to find time for the people in your life.

Have An At-Home Spa Day

Who says you need to go to a spa to have a spa day? Run a bubble bath, put on a face mask, and pour a glass of wine - there's something so special about treating yourself at home.

Create Healthy Habits

Humans are creatures of habits and routines. Everyone has them, it's just whether they're healthy or not. Be mindful of what habits you have in your daily routine (ex: is your phone the first & last thing you look at?) Try setting a clear morning and night routine that works for you and see how it affects your mood throughout the day!

We hope this list gives you a few ideas on how to unwind and recharge. Even through all the struggles life has thrown our way, remember how important it is to prioritize your mental health!

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