The Areas You're Definitely Forgetting to Put Sunscreen

The Areas You're Definitely Forgetting to Put Sunscreen

It’s safe to say most people know to put sunscreen on their face before going out in the sun. For many, it’s a solid part of their skincare routine - cleanse, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen. However, your face isn’t the only place you should be lathering on sunscreen. There are certain areas on the body that are often overlooked, and therefore being damaged by the sun. Here are the top 7 places you should be covering up before heading out in the sun!

Your Hands

Other than your face, the tops of your hands see the most sun out of any part of your body. Yes we put sunscreen on our face with our hands, but people often go to wash their hands immediately after. Apply and reapply sunscreen on the tops of your hands, wrists, and webbing between your fingers throughout the day to keep them protected. You can also wear one of our UPF50+ rash guards that have built in thumb holes to keep your hands covered without having to reapply sunscreen!

Backs of Your Legs

It’s easy to put on sunscreen where we can see, but it’s a bit harder when we need to cover the parts we can’t see. Remember to take it all the way to the backs of your legs so you have 360° protection. Try one of our lightweight leggings or long swimsuits to keep your legs fully protected!

Your Scalp

There’s nothing worse than a sunburned and itchy scalp. Your hair mostly covers your scalp, but be sure to sunscreen the part in your hair or keep a hat on while out in the sun!

Your Lips

Your lips are one of the most susceptible parts of your body to get sunburned! We’re not suggesting to put sunscreen on your lips, but there are lots of great options like this one that is a chapstick + SPF in one!

The Back of Your Neck 

Even if it’s covered by your hair, take the sunscreen from the front of your neck all the way around to the back. Avoid a mismatch in the aging of your face and neck skin by wearing one of our rash guards or short & long swimsuits that have a protective high neck!

Your Ears

This is one area that almost everyone forgets! Rub a small amount on the tops of your ears, as well as the area behind them.

Tops of Your Feet

It’s one of the most painful and uncomfortable areas to be sunburned, yet most people forget to cover it! Imagine having a blistering sunburn and putting on sneakers after...ouch. Put on sunscreen before putting on your sandals so you avoid a sunburn and strappy tan lines.



Hopefully this gives you a few reminders of where to put on your sunscreen! Check out our collection of UPF50+ clothing that can protect many of these areas without layering on all the sunscreen!


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