The Best Outdoor Workouts To Try This Summer

The Best Outdoor Workouts To Try This Summer

Soak up the sun and get a workout in at the same time! (just don’t forget your Tutublue, of course) Take advantage of the warm, summer days and take your workout outdoors. Studies have shown that people on average lose more weight and get a better workout when it’s done outside! A lot of factors go into it - there’s more incline/decline, obstacles, and it’s generally more hot (aka more sweating). We’ve rounded up a few fun workout ideas for you to try this summer! So grab a friend and your UPF50 Tutublue suit and meet us outside.


1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This is a great exercise that you can do just about anywhere where there’s an open body of water! Stand up paddle boarding is a great workout where you’re standing on a wide longboard and navigating across calm water using a paddle. Don’t let it fool you - it looks easy but is actually quite difficult! It requires lots of core strength and control, and is a great option for those who want to spend a day by the water without getting in the water. Stand up paddle boarding is also a low impact exercise that you can do at almost any age, which makes it a great family activity this summer, too!

2. Trail Running

If running is your workout of choice, try taking it to a trail instead! Your body has to work extra hard to maneuver around uneven terrain and all the incline/declines, just make sure you have a good supportive shoe to avoid any ankle rolls!

3. Swimming

Swimming is a great workout because you have to use your whole body to swim against the resistance of the water. It works every muscle, keeps your heart rate up, improves your cardiovascular health; plus it’s a great way to keep cool!

4. Biking

Another low impact workout, biking is a great exercise that isn’t heavy on your knees and you can control how hard you want to go. There’s lots of biking groups you can join in your community, and it’s a great activity to do with your family!

5. Surfing

Calling all beach lovers! Surfing is a great activity that feels as good on the body as it does on the mind. What's better than leaving your phone on the beach and spending a few hours out in the ocean? It's a full body workout - paddling out works your arms and shoulders, and standing on your board works your legs and glutes! You can either head out on your own, with friends, or even hire a surf instructor to teach you the basics. 

6. Yoga

Get your zen on while doing some outdoor yoga! There’s nothing like practicing yoga while listening to nature’s music. Again, there’s lots of outdoor yoga groups that meet weekly - a great way to get outdoors, do some yoga, and meet new friends!

Now you have a few ideas that you can use when planning your next workout this summer! Make sure to stay protected from the sun though - all of our Tutublue suits are designed with UPF50+ fabrics, Quick Dry Tech, and 4-way you can throw on a suit and be ready for any workout you choose. In the water or out, take some pics in your Tutublue and tag us on Instagram! #tutublue

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