These Are The Areas You Need To Pay Attention To

These Are The Areas You Need To Pay Attention To

Skin cancer can appear on any part of your body, regardless of how much or how little sun exposure it gets. It can be sneaky, so when it comes to sun protection, “better safe than sorry” is a good motto to go by. Men and women have different areas on the body that they normally get skin cancer and we’re highlighting the tops spots to keep an eye on below:


For men, the head is a very common place for skin cancer to occur. The top of your head has the most direct sun exposure out of your whole body, and unsurprisingly, your neck is also at high risk. Whether you’re bald or your hair is thinning, just because you can’t see the top of your head doesn’t mean you should overlook it when it comes to protecting it from the sun. 

23% of all skin cancers found in men are located on the head, compared to the 14% found on women. So, next time you head out for a day in the sun, throw on a hat to protect your head and neck from the sun!


A common place for skin cancer to occur for women is the arms. With summer here, you’re likely wearing tank tops and short-sleeve shirts...and you're not alone if don’t apply and reapply sunscreen on your arms on a daily basis. 25% of all skin cancers in women are discovered on their arms, so wearing UPF50+ clothing with a full length arm and thumbholes will minimize your risk. Remember, UV rays can penetrate through windows and clouds, so there isn’t one day out of the year that you shouldn’t be protecting your skin.


Another place where skin cancer is often found in men is the torso - a whopping 41% of all skin cancers in men are located in the torso area. Tutublue’s line of men’s rash guards offer full torso and arm UPF50+ protection from the sun, ensuring that your risk is minimal when you’re doing your outdoor activities.


For women, the legs are another high-risk area - 38% of all skin cancers found in women are found on their legs! Tutublue’s long swimsuits and leggings are a great option to keep your legs covered while you’re both in and out of the water.


If you're looking for a lightweight, breathable, and versatile sun protection option, check out Tutublue's line of UPF50+ swimwear. Made with 4-way stretch and Quick Dry Tech, our suits are designed to wear in the water and out! Click HERE to shop the collection today. 


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