Top Five Best Diving Spots in the United States

Top Five Best Diving Spots in the United States

Finding the perfect diving spot to venture into is sometimes an overwhelming, but joyous experience. Luckily, for those that live in the United States the only limitation as far as dive spots go, is your imagination. With easy access to the Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the various great lakes that surround Michigan, there are various opportunities for those looking to venture into open water; and to help you decide on your next dive destination we're going to be highlighting the top five dive spots in the United States.

catalina island

Santa Catalina Island

Off the coast of sunny California, between Los Angeles and San Diego lies one of the most memorizing land formations in the United States; Santa Catalina Island. Home to a wide variety of aquatic species such as yellowfin tuna, sea bass, sea turtles, and various species of sharks; divers from near and far flock to this divers paradise for an unforgettable diving experience. Looking to book your next dive trip at Santa Catalina Island? Check out Diving Catalina for all available dates and times.


Channel Islands

Just North East of Santa Catalina Island, lies another natural wonder off the coast of California. The Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are made up of five different islands: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa and Santa Barbara. These islands are known for their year round water clarity, enabling photographers and videographers to capture incredibly stunning shots. But the Channel Islands are most notably known for its incredible, but difficult diving spots. Due to the currents in the area it is recommended that only advanced divers take on this dangerously, beautiful challenge. If you'd like more information on how to schedule a diving trip please visit Channel Islands Dive Adventures for more information.

Florida Keys

The closest thing to the Caribbean that you can find in the United States, The Florida Keys. Home to one of the most diverse aquatic ecosystems on the planet, The Florida Keys are a hotspot for amateur and professional divers alike, from the various species of tropical fish, shipwrecks, and Christ of the Abyss; divers will not be disappointed in the seemingly endless underwater sights to see. Want to plan your next dive trip in keys? Check out the Florida Keys Dive Center for available dates and times.



Known as the graveyard of the Atlantic, Morehead, North Carolina is home to over 2,000 shipwrecks, with the majority being from WW2 - WW1 - and 18th century wrecks. With most wrecks being accessible to divers, Morehead is a hot spot for divers from all over the globe. Though it lacks in water clarity compared to some of our other chosen destinations, it provides a once in a lifetime experience that's only to be had in Morehead. Want to get your never dive scheduled at Morehead? Check out Olympus Diving Center for available dates & times.

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