Try These Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Try These Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air! Whether you’re celebrating with a partner, a friend, or with yourself, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show love to those around you and to yourself. There’s often a feeling of pressure to have the most romantic set up planned, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with going all out, small, intimate Valentine’s Day plans are just as exciting and special. After all, it’s ultimately a day to celebrate love!


We’ve collected a few unique ideas for you to try out this Valentine’s Day below:


Watch A Valentine’s Day Movie

They may be cheesy, but it IS Valentine's Day! What better excuse to have a rom-com marathon. Set the scene with popcorn, cocktails and sweets, and throw on a light hearted Valentine's Day movie or two! 


Cook A New Meal

Flip through a cookbook and find a meal that you and your partner (or friend) have never made before! It's a great opportunity for you both to try making something new, and you'll always have a fun memory when you cook the same meal again in the future.


At-Home Trivia or Game Night

Pull out some board games to liven up the night! You'll be fully engaged with each other while having healthy and fun competition with your loved one. Staying in with PJ's, snacks, and games sounds like the perfect V-day to us.


Go On A Bike Ride

Get outside and take a bike ride together to grab coffee or lunch! You can find some new spots on your way, plus moving your body is a great way to release  endorphins. If it's not quite bike ride weather, you can also try a yoga or spin class!


Take A Cocktail Class

It's always impressive when someone knows how to whip up a perfectly crafted cocktail, so perfect your skills this year by taking a cocktail class! The next time you're hosting a party you can show off what you learned.


Couples Massage

Relax and unwind with a couples massage this Valentine's Day! If that's not in the budget, you can also take a couples bath at home with lit candles and a bottle of wine, or give each other a massage.


Take A Painting Class

It always feels good to be creative, and what better way than to take a painting class! Most of us haven't taken one since we were in school, so now is a great time to work with your hands and get creative. Plus, you can take home what you painted so you can always remember this Valentine's Day!


Plan A Mini Getaway

Been eyeing that cute new hotel down the street? Now is the perfect opportunity to book a room and plan a staycation! You can play tourist together and find new restaurants and cafes around the hotel that you haven't been able to check out yet.


Take A Cooking Class

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, you can always learn something new! It's a great bonding experience and you can use your new skills the next time you cook at home together.


However you decide to celebrate this Valentine's Day, we hope you have a love-filled day with the people you love the most! Let us know how you are celebrating in the comments below.


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