Why Sun Protective Swimwear Is So Important

Why Sun Protective Swimwear Is So Important

The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays are not something you typically like to think of when you go outside. Sure, you apply sunscreen when you’re at the beach and seek out shade on a hot day, but other than that there’s truly little most people do to minimize their exposure to harmful UV rays. This is unfortunate because prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun can lead to issues such as unwanted skin damage and increase your odds of getting skin cancers, such as Melanoma.

Thankfully, our team at Tutublue recognized this unfortunate situation and have for the last four years been the industry leader in sun protection swimwear. From UPF50 Rashguards and Leggings to Short and Long swimsuits, we have got you covered from head to toe.

To help you and your family stay safe this summer, here is our short guide on staying safe in the sun.

 Tutublue Sun Protective Swimwear

Why is Sun Protective Swimwear So Important?

When people hear the word “UPF” they automatically think “sun protection”, but just what does UPF mean? UPF “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” is a measurement used to indicate a fabrics level of UV protection. So, when we say that Tutublue has UPF50 woven into our fabrics, it means that all Tutublue swimwear has the highest achievable rating for clothing and effectively block out 98% of harmful UVB & UVA rays. When broken down, that means only 1/50th of ultraviolet radiation you come in contact with is getting through your suits and making contact with your skin.

 Tutublue Volcano Swimsuit

When Should You Protect Yourself from Ultraviolet Rays?

Whether you are someone who likes swimming, hiking, kayaking, or just going for a casual stroll down the street, your body is constantly being exposed to skin damaging UV rays. Though most people would not think this little bit of exposure can cause skin damage, they would be incorrect. You can suffer from skin damage in as little as 5-10 minutes from being in direct sunlight. That is why all Tutublue swimwear has been designed in a way the promotes all day use, ensuring complete comfort, mobility, and protection from those harmful UV rays.

 Tutublue Cobra Shortsuit

What Styles Would We Recommend?

Unlike other sun protection swimwear, Tutublue is constantly designing and re-designing existing lines in an effort to keep you looking your best and staying safe at the same time. Whether you are wanting to stand out from the crowd with our beautifully designed Boy Leg Sun Swimsuit or turn heads with our ocean themed Waves Full Coverage Suit we have a style that fits your needs and personality.


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