Your Ultimate Beach Bag Checklist

Your Ultimate Beach Bag Checklist

If a beach day is calling your name, be prepared with all the must-haves! You know to bring a towel and water bottle, but we like to throw in a few extra items to make our beach days even more enjoyable. Here's a round-up of all the beauty, style, and tech essentials you’ll need for a full day in the sun!


  • UPF50+ Swimsuits - Don't let a fun beach day have long-term effects on your skin! Whether you're lounging on the shore or swimming in the ocean, cover up in one of our stylish suits to stay protected.
  • Towel - Bring a towel for drying off, plus an extra towel or blanket for laying down! 
  • Water Bottle - No one wants a headache after the beach. It's always important to stay hydrated, but especially in the sun! We love Hydro Flask water bottles. They’re dishwasher safe and keep your drinks nice and cold all day long.
  • Hat + Sunglasses - Wear sunglasses and a wide-brim hat to protect your face and neck from all the sun exposure!
  • Hair Tie - Just in case you want to throw your hair up when it gets too hot, we love these hair scrunchies that won't damage your hair.
  • Poncho Changing Towel - When you need to change out of your wet swimsuit, our poncho changing towels make it as easy as can be! Throw it on to change or to keep warm for sunset.
  • Book - Nothing more relaxing than catching up on your reading with the sound of the waves in the background!
  • Body Wipes - Some beaches have an outdoor case yours doesn’t, bring some body wipes to wipe off sand before getting back in your car.
  • Snacks - Be sure to prep for a full beach day and bring plenty of snacks.
  • Bluetooth Speakers - Keep the vibe high with a waterproof bluetooth speaker like this one!
  • Portable Charger - When you’re out all day and taking pics at the beach, a portable charger is never a bad idea.


Be sure to check out this list before your next beach day! Pro tip: keep a beach bag prepped all summer long just in case of an impromptu beach trip :)

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